With WEKA at your side as an industrial service provider, you can take care of what matters most: your company and your business.

We know very well that restructuring of your production or the sale of obsolete machines will not bring you any money, but are a necessary evil so that your company can continue to operate successfully in the future.

We would like to relieve you of any unpleasant work in this connection (from dismantling to assembly and commissioning) so that you can devote yourself to the smooth running of your business.

Below you can see the services with which we can serve you at a glance..

Unsere Dienstleistungen auf einen Blick:

Dismantling + Gutting

Installation + Commissioning

Packaging + Transport

Control Cabinets + Automatisation


We carry out the disassembly of your machines and systems in a highly professional manner. This includes in particular the understandable separation of media supply and control technology. The entire disassembly process is precisely documented, which means that we can guarantee that your equipment will be put back into operation smoothly..


Are you closing a production facility and want to sell the corresponding building or do you even have to demolish it? We take over the gutting of the property as well as the disposal of all harmful and hazardous substances – all of course with proof of disposal.

Installation and Commissioning

Unloading, bringing in, positioning, assembling and commissioning: all of these are complex jobs that require a high degree of professionalism and tact. We ensure that your equipment arrives safely at its destination and runs as smoothly as before – if not better!

Packaging and Transport

Are you faced with the challenge of moving extremely sensitive equipment from A to B? We offer packaging and transport solutions tailored to your equipment.

Control Cabinets and Automatisation

In times of increasing digitalization, the electrical and control technology is of particular importance. With our electricians and control technicians, we ensure that your processes are optimally implemented.