All About WEKA – Your Industrial Relocation Company

In this article we would like to introduce ourselves as the industrial relocation company of your choice. We examine what we do, how we offer you added value with our services and what drives us.

What we do

WEKA Industrial Services is an industrial relocation company that specializes in the relocation and installation / commissioning of industrial machinery. We have focused our business activities on the following services, which we will discuss in more detail below:

  • project plannin
  • dismantling works
  • packaging and transport of equipment
  • installation and commissioning of industrial equipment
  • building control cabinets and implementing automatisation
  • gutting works

Project Planning

Are you changing your production location, selling an old a production line or are you faced with the challenge of installing a new large production line? Such projects are very complex and require a great deal of planning and organization.

We are here to help you plan the smooth running of such projects. Every milestone in the project is planned in close consultation with you, so that at the end of the day you can be sure that your machines will reach their destination safely.

Dismantling Works

We carry out the disassembly of your machines and systems in a highly professional manner. This includes, in particular, the understandable disconnection of all media supplies and the control technology. The entire disassembly process is carefully documented so that you can be sure that it can be recommissioned without any problems.

Packaging and Transport of Equipment

Are you faced with the challenge of moving extremely sensitive equipment from A to B? We offer packaging and transport solutions tailored to your equipment. This includes, among other things, the shrink packaging of machines, the production of customized pallets and boxes and, of course, the proper securing of your valuable machines.

Installation and Commissioning

Unloading, bringing in, positioning, assembling and commissioning: all of these are complex jobs that require a high degree of professionalism and tact. We ensure that your systems arrive safely at their destination and work as smoothly as before – if not better!

montage sprühtrocknerkammer
Reassembly of a spray dryer for milk powder production

Building Control Cabinets And Implementing Automatisation

In times of increasing digitalization, electrical and control technology is of particular importance. With our electricians and control technicians, we ensure that your processes are optimally implemented, for maximum efficiency and quality in your production.

Gutting Works

Are you closing a production facility and want to sell the corresponding building or do you even have to demolish it? We take over the gutting of the property as well as the associated disposal of all pollutants and hazardous substances – all of course with proof of disposal.

Our Work – Your Added Value

Now you have a picture of what we do and how we can serve you. But you may be asking yourself: “What is the concrete added value that I have if I decide to work with WEKA?”. That’s a good question!

Our goal at WEKA is to give our customers the security and guarantee that their valuable machines and systems are in safe hands with us. For you, this security means that you can fully concentrate on successfully managing your business, while we take care of the dismantling, relocation, and assembly of your equipment.

Your time and human resources are valuable, use them where you benefit most from them – keeping your company on the road to success. Let us take the stress of moving your machines.

Let us talk about your project – It is completely free of charge and without obligations!

Please contact us by phone at 05371/895108, by email (info(at) or via our contact form, which you can find HERE. We will contact you immediately and we can talk together about your project in a short conversation. We would be happy to become your industrial service provider in the future.

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