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Dismantling and Relocation of a thermal Evaporator Plant in France

WEKA Industrial Services was called to Claix by a customer from France for the dismantling and relocation of an evaporation plant with thermal vapor recompression. Within 10 days, the entire system was dismantled brought out of the production building.

Project Brief

A customer from France has acquired a 7-stage evaporator plant with thermal vapor recompression from a large French dairy company. For this project, we were commissioned to professionally dismantle the entire system in a way that it can be reinstalled again and to bring the equipment out of the production facility.

Equipment to be Dismantled

For this project, the entire evaporation plant including pumps, valves and piping had to be dismantled. Furthermore, a CIP system (cleaning in place) and control system belonging to the system were to be dismantled and taken out of the production facility.

Our team was given a relatively tight schedule for this task. In plain language, this means that we should have dismantled the entire system within 8 days so that the seven stages of the evaporator could be lifted out of the building through the roof with a crane. This was a particular challenge for a plant of this size, especially since the dismantling should be documented in a way that the future owner could be able to rebuilt the entire system without our help.

Dismantling and Relocation

In summary, the following was dismantled:

  • Opening of the roof for crane work
  • Dismantling of the seven-stage evaporation plant including pumps, piping and valves
  • Disassembly of the operating platforms
  • Dismantling a CIP system
  • Dismantling of the control for the evaporation plant / CIP plant
  • Gutting the production space
  • Dismantling company
  • Dismantling a Laguilharre evaporation plant

Equipment used for dismantling

Little heavy equipment was used to dismantle and deploy this evaporator. The reason was the scarce space available in the production building. Only the individual stages of the plant were pulled out with the help of a crane and placed on the floor outside the building with a second (smaller) auxiliary crane.

  • Chain hoist 800 kg
  • Chain hoist 3000 kg
  • Chain hoist 5000 kg
  • Crane with a load capacity of 120 tons
  • Crane with a load capacity of 25 tons
  • Fall protection net and fall protection harness
  • Angle grinder: 125 mm, 150 mm, 230 mm
  • Various tools

Manpower and Duration of the Project

4 of our dismantling specialists were permanently employed on this project. The project took 40 days from the start of the dismantling of the systems to the deployment of all system parts.

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